West Branch Arts Consortium


Our Mission

The West Branch Arts Consortium (WBAC) is an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the audiences of tomorrow. We achieve this by presenting a diverse range of programs in dance, theater, and music, celebrating cultures and art forms from around the world.

Educational Initiatives​

At WBAC, education is a cornerstone of our mission. We develop comprehensive study guides to accompany our performances, offering pre- and post-event activities. These guides are designed to enhance aesthetic appreciation, provide historical context, and foster critical engagement with the art forms presented.​

Community Engagement​

Beyond student performances in our partner schools, WBAC proudly offers community performances. These events take place during our week-long performance residencies, providing an enriching cultural experience for the entire community.​

Our Partners

The West Branch Arts Consortium (WBAC) is supported by a network of partner school districts that make our performances possible. These partnerships enable us to bring enriching cultural experiences to students and the broader community, allowing both students and the public to participate as audiences in our events.​

Sponsors and Grants

- Charles and Betty Degenstein Foundation
- 1994 Charles B. Degenstein Foundation

- PA Council of the Arts - 2 - Project Grants
- Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation - Southern Exposure Grant (Fidel Nadal)